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Our journey began in San Francisco in 1994 when we opened the first Enzohair Hair and Scalp Health Clinic. We were located in the Marina district on Greenwich Street.

From the moment we opened our doors we encouraged all the community to come and have a Free Hair and Scalp Analysis. We offered this UNIQUE service using high focused fibre optic instruments to measure the oil, flakiness and dryness of the hair.


Since then we have been growing our customer data base by offering our unique hair and scalp health philosophy using our tailor made prescriptive natural products.
We’re not hair stylists. We wont tell you how to cut your hair, but we will tell you how to keep it healthy and maintain your four natural balances. So Essential for Healthy Hair!

On Line, each of our customers will receive a free complimentary hair and scalp analysis with and a hair prescription. Our Enzohair Health Consultants are then available to work with you to tailor an individual hair health program that is specific and just right for you our Client . It will capture your environment , your lifestyle and hair day wear. We will ensure that your hair is in perfect harmony with you, nature and the environment.

All our products come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.
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