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Host an Enzohair Health Party!

We have recently launched the introduction of our ‘Enzohair Health Parties.’ We are the first Hair Health Brand to introduce this concept to the market as a way for our clients to learn more about the key features and benefits of our products in promoting naturally healthy, naturally beautiful hair. It’s also a great way to have fun with your friends!


In return for hosting a party, we’ll give you 3 FREE products for having us. What’s more, if one of your guest’s goes on to host a party – we’ll give you an additional gift voucher worth $75 to use online or gift to one of your friends!

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“Enzo Spa is in it’s own catagory. The smell and feel of it was an indication to me before I applied it; the lather from ONE THIRD of the small sample tube TVSN sent surprised me; and as I was washing my hair, I could feel that this product was remarkable. The conditioner: rinsed CLEAN. What a delight after years of annoyance at conditioners that flattened my hair or left it flyaway or dulled. Drying: amazing. The setting power in the shampoo and conditioner is fantastic! Quick plait before it dried completely, and when I let it out later. . . huge soft thick waves, standing right out from my head by itself as if I’d teased it, but. . . all hair, not the mess of backcombing.

The texture of my hair: completely transformed and beautiful. It feels beautiful to the touch with this wonderful product. Thick and soft and shining. The brittleness replaced with elasticity. I believe this to be the best hair product there is and intend to continue with it in conjunction with a TVSN tonic for thinning hair. Try, this won’t dissapoint.”

- Tawny
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