Mens Range 1 – For Dry Hair and Scalp

$ 65.00 NZD

Sold By: Enzohair Health
  1. WASH 1... Step 1 in the Men's Range For Dry Hair & Scalp WASH • Condition • Style Dry Hair & Scalp, It's more common among men than you think.  Guys, it's time to moisturise! Whether it's environmental factors like the sun and surf or just a propensity for over processing, most men will suffer from dry hair and scalp at sometime in their lives.  Now you know just how to put the moisture back.
  2. RECON 1... Step 2 in the Men's Range for Dry Hair & Scalp Wash • CONDITION • Style They say men aren't multi-taskers.  Now when it comes to your hair, you don't have to be. Men's RECON 1 will give your hair a shiny appearance and manage the symptoms associated with your dry condition at the same time.
  3.  HYPER MOLDING GEL 1... Step 3 in the Men's Range for Dry Hair & Scalp Wash • Condition • STYLE What was dry and difficult is now soft, supple and ready for hyper molding. MEN HYPER MOLDING GEL 1 is a medium hold gel that adds control and will give previously dry and dull hair a luminous style shine.  Say goodbye to the "dry hair guy!"

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