Mens Range 3 – Oily Hair and scalp

$ 65.00 NZD

Sold By: Enzohair Health
  1. WASH 3... Step 1 in the Men's Range For Oily Hair & Scalp WASH • Condition • Style The over-production of sebum is the key cause of oily hair in men.  Is your scalp a sebum factory? MEN WASH 3 is a sulphate free hair and scalp cleanser for men with oily hair.  When used everyday it will manage the oil production that makes your hair greasy, clump together and impossible to manage.  This oil factory has closed down!
  2. RECON 3... Step 2 in the Men's Range for Oily Hair & Scalp Wash • CONDITION • Style What is an oil treating cleanser without the conditioning support?  A job half done. The advanced formulation of oil-regulating ingredients makes MEN RECON 3 a lightweight, volume adding conditioner that will give your hair a healthy oil-free shine.  So finish what you start!
  3. HYPER SCULPTING LOTION 3... Step 3 in the Men's Range for Oily Hair & Scalp Wash • Condition • STYLE Now you are oil free you're free to create your own sculptural style. MEN HYPER SCULPTING LOTION 3 is a medium ~ strong hold lotion designed to work with oily hair types.  So get artistic with it!

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