Mens Range 5 – Stressed hair and scalp

$ 65.00 NZD

Sold By: Enzohair Health
1   WASH 5... Step 1 in the Men's Range For Stressed Hair & Scalp WASH • Condition • Style Fast paced modern life can leave you stressed -- Doesn't mean your hair and scalp have to be. MEN WASH 5 is a complex formula that gives new life to stressed hair and scalp.  Gentle enough for daily use it will give your hair and scalp a relaxed feel and replenish lost vitality. 2   RECON 5... Step 2 in the Men's Range for Stressed Hair & Scalp Wash • CONDITION • Style Men with busy, active lives don't want to stress about their hair. Now you can return healthy texture to stressed, lifeless, dull hair, with advanced conditioning that makes hair manageable, while repairing the damage. With ingredients that gently control excess oil and create the optimal PH balance for your hair and scalp. 3  HYPER POLISH PASTE 5... Step 3 in the Men's Range for Stressed Hair & Scalp Wash • Condition • STYLE Shine & Control -- No longer mutually exclusive for those with stressed hair. HYPER POLISH PASTE 5 is a strong hold styling paste that delivers shine and control.  Designed with stressed hair in mind, it provides any hair type a bold, controlled and polished look.