Recover 7 Hi Tech Scalp Paste

$ 25.50 NZD

Sold By: Enzohair Health
RECOVER 7... A high tech remedial scalp paste for acute scalp conditions BOOST Have an acute scalp condition?  Don't think undercover, think RECOVER! BOOSTER RECOVER 7 is a complex formula to aid healing and help rejuvenate an angry scalp.  Use as part of a complete scalp treatment and leave the hat at home. Directions:
  • Apply MAC OIL 7 to a dry, scaly or sensitive scalp.  Pump onto a cotton pad and gently massage into areas of scaling and dryness.  Leave in for 5 minutes prior to wash.
  • Wet hair and scalp and use your prescribed WASH product.  Lather and work through the hair and scalp.  Rinse well and repeat if desired.
  • Apply your prescribed RECON. and distribute through the hair.  Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.
  • Using a hygenic spatula, gently apply RECOVER 7 onto the scalp concentrating on highly affected areas.  Leave in.  Use as frequently as desired.
Features & Benefits:
  • Sulphate, salt & Paraben Free
  • Naturally Based / No Animal Derived Ingredients / No Animal Testing
  • Plant and Desert Fruit Extracts to help protect hair and scalp
  • Assists with the control of scalp itch and scale in highly sensitive scalps
Available Sizes:
  • 45g Jar

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