Saguaro Scalp Spritz

$ 24.50 NZD

Sold By: Enzohair Health
STEP 3 IN THE REMEDIAL RANGE FOR REJUVENATING HAIR AND SCALP HEALTH. DON'T BE SO SENSITIVE! Pronounced Suh-wah-row, SAGUARO Scalp Spritz is a soothing gel that reduces symptoms associated with itch and redness.  The natural ingredients cool and heal the scalp while being non-greasy. DIRECTIONS:
  1. Pump a small amount of SAGUARO Scalp Spritz into your palms and gently massage into the scalp.  It's possible to leave SAGUARO in or use it as a pre-treatment prior to cleansing and conditioning.
  2. For best results, use with other REMEDIAL products (PRICKLY PEAR SCALP CLEANSER and ACACIA CONDITIONING BALM)
  • Relieves symptoms associated with itch and redness
  • Naturally based ingredients
  • Cruelty free / No Animal Testing / No Animal Derived Ingredients
  • pH balanced product is gentle on the scalp
  • Recyclable packaging is friendly to the environment
150ml / 5 fl oz.

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